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​​​CC Events LLC is a Full-Service Event Decorating & Design company. Since 2002, we have been transforming events into Cherished Celebrations. We have serviced events throughout Mid-Michigan and as a dedicated event company, we are recognized in the events industry. CC Events LLC has expertise in creating seamless and unique wedding/event experiences. From authentic, fusion, and modern events with many years of experience, we want to help you create your dream event that reflects your personal style. With our ability to custom design and our attention to detail, it allows us to welcome any challenge and create a beautiful space for your special event.​​


About CC Events, LLC

Meet the Team

Hello, I'm Destiny Eberlein the face behind CC Events LLC. I am a Professional Event Decorator and Designer as well as a Northwood University Alumna. My beautiful & talented mother Cristina Eberlein, also a Northwood University Alumna, is the Founder of  CC Events, LLC since 2002. As she decided to step down from the Event Decor Industry, I decided to follow in her footsteps as I have always had a passion for creativity,  design & business since I was just 3 years old!


 In 2022, I became the new owner of CC Events, LLC and with that, I am very excited to be on this journey.

I have an AMAZING crew that has just as much talent and passion as I do when it comes to Event Decorating & Design!

Together, we can make your dream come true!

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